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When Lloyd Wolf’s mother started having problems getting around, he explored buying her a motorized scooter. But he wasn’t real happy with what the local market offered.

When he brought up the issue with a co-worker at Mid-Continent Industries Inc. of Newton, Kansas, the co-worker also complained about a family member’s inability to get certain places.

So Lloyd and his boss Glenn Wells thought maybe they could build a powered chair that would truly allow people to go anywhere they want. They first tried to build one with wheels, like everybody else. It was fine, as long as they stayed on hard surfaces. They still use that prototype around the shop today.

Glenn and Lloyd traveled to a trade show in New Orleans to see how most motorized vehicles were being built.

"We didn’t think there were many scooter manufacturers in the country," Wolf said. "Mercy, there’s bunches of them. On the plane coming home, we thought we needed to change our way of thinking."

So, they decided to try tracks - like on a bulldozer - instead of wheels, to make it an all-terrain vehicle. 

Thus, the Trac About IRV 2000 was born. Trac About, Inc., was formed in 1998.

Mid-Continent Industries, Inc., is a small, family owned 15-person company that manufactures grain cleaning and testing equipment, along with custom metal fabrication. They also manufacture the IRV 2000. The company was started in 1988 by Glenn Wells, his wife Donna, and sons Steve and Darren. Donna is still the office manager, and Steve and Darren do their best to "keep on keepin' on".

Although Glenn Wells tragically passed away in the fall of 2001, his legacy lives on....


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