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Welcome to our photo album of the IRV 2000 from Trac About, Inc. 

If you would like to have your IRV 2000 pictures added, just let us know. We respect your privacy, so let us know if you want your name mentioned, otherwise we won't.

Simply click on the pictures for a larger view, and they will open in a new blank window. You can then close them without losing your place!

This link will take you to look at the Adventures of Fred Adams and family. You will find it under Marvin Vought's testimony letter. WOW! Click here!

Fred Adams Testimonial

Beach Wheelchair Chuck Sedmak 1Beach Wheelchair Chuck Sedmak 2Beach Wheelchair Chuck Sedmak 3

Beach Wheelchair 4Beach Wheelchair 5

How about Hawaii? That's Chuck Sedmak from Colorado in the top middle and right pictures. New places, new faces, new beaches, nice sand! For one of them, it was the first time of independence on the beach in over 20 years!!

Bill Brown Florida Beach

Bill Brown from Kansas is pictured here in Florida! Looks nice, huh? He goes there most every winter, and now he can go where he wants on the beach without any assistance! He used to "sit and bake" while he waited on someone to come move him. Can you relate to that?

  Indoor Wheelchair 1  Indoor Wheelchair 2  Indoor Wheelchair 3  Indoor Wheelchair 4

Can the IRV 2000 be used indoors, too? Well, it sure looks like it, doesn't it?

Beach Wheelchair 6 Beach Wheelchair 7 Sand Wheelchair

The IRV 2000 went on vacation to South Padre Island and saw lots of surf action.  Plan to take a Trac About with you on your vacation this year and get out on the beach, or just run around in the kids' sand box.

  Snow Wheelchair 1

Roam with the buffalo in an IRV 2000 from Trac About.

Snow Wheelchair 2 Snow Wheelchair 3 Snow Wheelchair 4

Kansas saw more snow in 1999 than we had in awhile but the IRV 2000 was not slowed down one bit.  If you can take the cold we can take you where you want to go.

Hill Climbing Wheelchair  Forrest Wheelchair

The IRV 2000 climbs Mt. St. Hesston at the city park, a favorite testing ground for the IRV 2000. How about going through the forest?

Track Design Wheelchair

The track design of the IRV 2000 allows you the freedom to go places other "all terrain" wheelchairs will not go, returning your freedom to go where you would like to go.

Handicapped Hunting Wheelchair

The fall of 1999 the IRV 2000 saw hunting action in the local handicapped hunt here in Kansas.  It allowed one hunter access where the 4-wheelers couldn't!

Mud Wheelchair

Do you like mud? Notice the waves as he moves through it! Yummy! He will probably need the garden hose before he goes in the house. Some kids never grow out of playing in it, huh?


Check back later for more pictures of the IRV 2000 taking you where you need to go!


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