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The IRV 2000 will allow you to go where you would like to go.The superior maneuverability of the IRV 2000 personal mobility vehicle provides for an active lifestyle in winter, spring, summer, or fall. Don't let physical challenges keep you from enjoying the activities you love. The IRV 2000 personal mobility vehicle travels up to 12 miles. The track system allows you to cross ruts, sticks, boards, cables, cords, and most any object that is less than four inches (100mm) high. The tracks may be operated in full flat position for snow or mud and half track for normal running in sand and grass. Also, the IRV 2000 personal mobility vehicle can operate in the "three point" mode for smooth surface or on carpet. The IRV 2000 is the choice of people who want to get places other types of power chairs will not take them.

Standard Equipment:                              Specifications:
Joystick Control                                    Length: 43 Inches
Battery Charge Level Lights                  Width: 27 Inches
24 Volt Charger                                    Weight: approx. 400 lb.
Flat Track Running                               Turning Radius: Zero/19 inch center to edge
Three Point Running                             Load Capacity: 350 lb.
Tools for Track Adjustment                   Speed: up to 5.5 mph. 3.5 mph is standard
 Manual 'back recline' seat               Range: Up to 12 miles, depending on terrain,

                                                             battery condition, and weight of rider
                                                             Energy Source: 24 volt system




Several options for seating and controls are available. From our standard van type seat with manual recline (pictured at top), to rehab seating with or without power tilt and recline, vertical elevation, and power leg rests. 

Controls are from our standard joystick to sip and puff controls. The picture shows sip and puff controls with ventilator and special battery pack for the ventilator (notice the longer body cover). 

You will need to be measured and evaluated to determine your specific needs. We work directly with your care worker and DME dealer to make sure you have what you need.





Don't "Horse Around" with REGULAR scooters!! Get out and GO, GO, GO with Trac About!!

Don't horse around with wheeled scooters, get an IRV 2000 individual recreational vehicle.                              


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