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Note: We have included a typed version and the original version of all testimonials on this page.


Howdy Lloyd,

I have been in many power chairs over the past twenty years and none have taken me half the palces that my Tracabout has. For the first time since my spinal injury I am able to follow deer trails, go over 6"-8" logs, and go anywhere in the great outdoor with very few exceptions.

I am very thankful to the engineers and all the fine people who are involved in the production of this outstanding wheelchair.

Sincerely yours,
Russ Goodman

Russ Goodman testimonial letter


November 22, 2000

Mid-Continent Industries
Dear Sirs:

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how much I am enjoying my Track-A-Bout. It has opened up a whole new world of hunting and fishing for me. I can now get to places that I have not been able to go for the 24 years that I have been confined to a wheelchair.

I bagged a turkey this spring and also a deer during the Black Powder season in September and plan on getting another in December during the regular firearms season. Thanks to the Trac-A-Bout that made it all possible.

I have looked at a lot of powered chairs but have found none to compare. This chair will take me just about anywhere I want to go regardless of mud or snow.

I want to thank you for making life a lot more pleasant and opening up a whole new world for many of us handicapped people.

Bill G. Brown


Bill Brown testimonial letter

My name is Tim Ward. I am an "incomplete" quadrepelegic. This means I have no muscle use or feeling below mid-chest and that my hands are somewhat impaired. I have been using my Trac-About for slightly more than one year. It has been a return to freedom for me. I can, again, function independently.

I am in the lawn construction business. The Trac-About has given me the ability to bid my jobs even if the terrain is extremely rough, uneven, freshly tilled, or whatever the conditions might be. It will even handle slopes of up to 30 degrees. I can now complete more of the work without assistance.

I have the freedom to go fishing, hunting, or even head for the Colorado ski slopes. I have always enjoyed active sports and am again able to participate. Thanks again to my Trac-About. This chair is good for a trip of up to 10 to 12 miles without recharging. This gives me plenty of distance to run errands, go to the sand-pit to fish, or tour my neighborhood. the fact that I can negotiate curbs and steps up to 6 inches in a real plus. If I want to go further from home, the Trac-About is easily loaded into my Ford Van that is equipped with a standard wheelchair lift. The lift has no trouble handling the Trac-About.

I have never been stranded or even stuck with this machine. This certainly gives me a secure feeling considering much of my neighborhood is very sandy and undeveloped. I cannot say too many positive things about my Trac-About.

Tim Ward

Tim Ward testimonial letter

Dear TracAbout:

Just a brief note to let you all know what a wonderful wheelchair you have. This chair has given me the freedom and mobility that I've only dreamed about. The traction is unbelievable! This chair can and will go anywhere here in the Pennsylvania terrain! I've had the pleasure of testing your chair for the last two months and it has never left me down! It is definitely a terrific outdoor recreational vehicle for the physically challenged and anyone else for that matter. My walking friends and family have had as much fun with this chair as I have!

I highly recommend this chair to any physically challenged outdoor person. Thanks so much Lloyd and Glenn for a fantastic chair.

Marvin Vought

Marvin Vought testimonial letter

Physically Challenged Bowhunters of America
Spotlight On New Products

Awesome power for a wheelchair

In February 1999, President Drew MCartney attended the Kansas Outdoor Travel Show and met Lloyd Wolfe and Glenn Wells, of TracAbout, Inc., Newton, Kansas.

Drew explained to them who he was, about the PCBA and me. Later that evening, Drew called me to tell me about this awesome power chair that he'd just seen.

He thought I'd be interested in it, told me to check their web site, www.tracabout.com and let him know what I thought.

I was awed by what I was seeing. Being confined to a wheelchair for 20 years, I was very skeptical about their claims.

I've put wheelchairs through some of their toughest tests and never one that actually did what it's makers claimed.

We contacted Lloyd and Glenn and asked for some information on their new power chairs and told them about our upcoming membership meeting and hunt in Henrietta, Oklahoma.

They said they'd like to attend and show their chairs.

Glenn and Lloyd made that hunt and to say that I was extremely impressed is an understatement.

I put one of the chairs through the paces there. It was a perfect place, rough, stony, hilly terrain, grass and woods!

Perfect, since that's the kind of place this chair was made for! For the three-day weekend, I tried the chair out and by the end of the weekend, I knew I'd just found my next power chair. I went home, called my chair company, Chesapeake Rehab, and told them I found my new power chair, a TracAbout, I also told them I wanted to become a local distributor, since Lloyd and Glenn said they needed national distributors.

They agreed to see the char and we set up a visit by Glenn. Once they saw the chair and what it could do they decided to become a distributor.

Glenn, Lloyd and I were on the phone with the different specifications I needed and I told them (kiddingly) that I wanted it in camouflage since I would be hunting fromit.

No problem, they said - there was a place close to them in Kansas that could supply it. That was perfect!

They sent the camouflage patterns and I orderd the ADVANTAGE pattern. Since I would need special seating, I had Chesapeake working on the seat while my chair was being built in Kansas.

On July 5, Glenn brought my TracAbout to Pittsburgh, for Rehab Dimensions to finish. It was an awesome sight to see!

I finally received the chair at home on July 19 and I can't tell you what a great piece of equipment it is. It's given me the freedom and mobility that I've always dreamed about.

It's just unbelievable! I can go anywhere here in Pennsylvania or anywhere else for that matter! My wife, Karen, may never know where I'm at now!

The TracAbout can go from your living room to the beach, a favorite fishing or hunting area or anywhere you want to go. TracAbout has an electronic joystick, variable speed that offers smooth, effortless steering.

Spped can be variable in a selection of five ranges. Slower ranges allow for a zero turning radius for maneuvering in tight spots with plenty of "get-up-and-go" in the wide-open spaces.

This allows you to travel some distance in just a short time, about 12 miles depending on terrain and weight of driver.

It has a unique indoor-outdoor track design (no more flat tires!) that goes through uneven terrain, sand, mud, and snow.

You can cut across ruts, over tree limbs, cables, cords and objects up to 4 inches high as if it was on smooth surfaces.

This chair provides us with mobility during all four seaons. As their advertisements state, "Where do you want to go today?"

It's the absolute truth! I highly recommend that anyone in the marget for a power chair consider the TracAbout.

Not only have I gotten one, but I know of three other PCBA members who are either at this moment ordering theirs or about to order.

For more information or to order, call TracAbout, Inc. 1-800-458-8616, or visit them online at: www.tracabout.com. Let Lloyd and Glenn know you read about it in "The Good News."

Physically Challenged Bowhunters of America - Feature Article

top Physically Challenged Bowhunters of AmericaTo visit the Physically Challenged Bowhunters of America website, click the link!  



Although we do not recommend or support the following adventures, this is real life, and we are happy for Fred to be able to get out there and go. Fred knows that he exceeds the limits of the IRV2000, but as you can read and see, nothing slows him down. Even though he is a C6-7 quadriplegic with fairly good arm & wrist movement, but no finger movement, Fred has assured us that he is being careful. It is also important the he has a support system of friends and family with him when he goes to places like this. 

These kind of extreme conditions should NEVER be attempted unless you are an experienced operator like Fred. 

As a side note, this is why Fred traded in his other "all terrain" wheel chair (like the one shown in our video). As Fred states below, ".....getting out in nature, going places in the Trac About that no wheelchair could ever take me.", that is one of the main reasons Trac About, Inc. exists today. Enjoy!


Yesterday was a really special day.  After driving half an hour deep into the forest, we parked at the end of the road.  Diana, Daniel, Victor (our new Mexican helper) and I spent a couple hours exploring around Deer View. 
Wheel Chair Crossing Creek
I unloaded the TracAbout and followed the creek for awhile, churning up mud as I went along.  The others walked along the bank, staying dry.
Wheelchair exiting creek
Getting me out of the creek was a challenge - Daniel and Victor pulled as I held on and backed up the steep bank.
Pear trees and blackberry vines
After several more obstacles and steep hills, we came out into an open meadow full of ancient pear trees and blackberry vines.  The pears and berries were still green, so we couldn't bring any home.
Victor found berries
Victor found a few ripening berries to eat.
Fred exploring
Beyond the orchard we explored the retailing walls behind the ancient lodge, built in the 1920's.
Fred on old road
Then I got a notion to see how far I could navigate the old road that came in from the upper side.  It was thickly overgrown.
Fred going over tree
This old fallen tree was an obstacle I couldn't climb over.  So I turned around and rammed it from behind.  After half a dozen times, the log snapped.
Fred pushing tree
I pushed it back and kept going until it was at the edge of the old road and we could continue exploring.
Fred under tree
This small cedar was too hard to snap, so Daniel hefted it up and I ducked underneath.  Eventually we came upon logs too large for me or anyone else to move, so we had to go back - by a different route, of course! 
Fred snapped log
After crashing through thick forest and over many obstacles, we were almost back to the Deer View ruins when we came upon one last obstacle.  I spun around and rammed the log until it snapped in two places.
Fred shoved log
Then I shoved it out of the way and continued going, delighted we had conquered the old overgrown road and made it through without any mishaps.
Tracabout crossing creek
Back across a small creek crossing . . .
Wheelchair decending creek edge
Then down that steep bank again.  Kinda scary!
Wheelchair on steep incline
I had to hold on tight to keep from flopping over face down into the mud!
Wheelchair crossing water
Got my feet wet a few times and had to dodge berry thorns as I went.
IRV2000 crossing water
What a fun time we enjoyed together, getting out in nature, going places in the Trac About that no wheelchair could ever take me.  I felt so energized and exhilarated!  In fact, while driving home in the van I was so charged up, I surprised the boys and scared Diana as I raced along the narrow, overgrown road at high speed, did a few sideways slides and gave them a few other thrills before we calmly backed into the garage.  When can we go again?  I'm ready!
Fred Adams
P.S. Today is Daniel's last day home for the summer - tomorrow he gets on Amtrak and heads back to DayStar Academy for his Senior year.  He's been a joy to have around - so strong and helpful and grown up and motivated - we're really proud of him!




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